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“The classes were dynamic and fun, whilst keeping with a high level and structured programme.

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Parent Testimonials

Fatim Rogn – Mother to Elias 9 years and Daniel 7 years.  Wetherby Pre Prep and Prep pupils.

“The classes were dynamic and fun, whilst keeping with a high level and structured programme.


The combination of the sports and education was fantastic. The sports coaches were superb and the afternoon sporting trips were inspiring.


The boys came home excited every day after having a great day at Class Action, without noticing that they had been sitting for a number of class lessons during the day.


I would highly recommend Class Action Club for smart and active children who want a more balanced programme.”

Anthony Williams (Headmaster at Felixstowe) – Father of Louisa – Langley Girls pupil.

“The bespoke delivery of Class Action Club is a real strength, coupled with the focus on health, nutrition and wellbeing.”

Katharina Kort – Mother to Leolin - Eaton House Belgravia pupil.

“We were looking for a holiday camp which would provide tailored academic support and tailored sports activities. This camp did it all!  


For me the “best” moment was on Friday morning at breakfast when after being told it was his last day at camp, my son burst into tears. 

Another way to put it, sign me up for the next one”

Student Testimonials

Elias – 9yrs

“I have been to lots of clubs, which I found quite boring.  Class Action was completely different as it was so exciting.  Every day we took on a new challenge.  I pushed myself more than I ever thought I could”

Daniel – 7yrs

“I loved starting the day with yoga and mindfulness.  It was relaxing and I felt energised when I started the class lessons.


English was so much fun.  I was supported by my teacher when maths became tricky.  I also learned how to play cricket at Lords Cricket Grounds”

Leolin – 6yrs

“I want to go to Class Action Club every day as it was so much fun.  The other children were very kind to me and the teachers were really nice”

Louisa – 10yrs

“My favourite part of Class Action was definitely the yoga and mindfulness as it was fun and relaxing.  My mind felt powerful after the session and I felt that I improved so much more in English and maths as I was less stressed through the yoga”.

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